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    Intrastromal AK nomogram calculator v3 Julian Stevens 2015        
    Enter data into the white boxes and the calculator will generate the intrastromal AK data to program into an AMO Catalys  
    This site does not make any guarantee and users take this data at their own risk    
    Enter mean effect of your primary incision & side-ports (D)    
    Enter mean angle of your primary incision & side-ports    
    Enter the cyl to be corrected          
    Age (years)            
    To program into Catalys   AXIS to program degrees  
            Optical Zone mm  
            Arc Length degrees  
    Total cylinder magnitude to be corrected      
    Resultant cylinder angle to be corrected      
    2 Symmetric intrastromal arcs, 8.0 mm diameter        
    Intrastromal 20% depth to 80% depth          
    Centered on the limbus            
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